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This website was created for the benefit of owners, collectors, and dealers of Nobility Plate and Nobility silver plated flatware sold across America from 1938 until 1974 by the direct-sales company Empire Crafts Corporation, owned and operated by C. H. Stuart & Co., Inc. which was headquartered in western upstate Newark, New York.  Every effort has been made to provide the    most historically accurate information.  Original company documents, U.S. Patent & Trademark files, interviews with former employees, and the archives of the Newark-Arcadia Historical Society were used as reference sources. The HISTORY and PHOTO GALLERY will provide visitors with factual information regarding Nobility Plate and Nobility silver with commentary on their strictly contractual manufacturer-to-retailer relationship with nearby Oneida Ltd. of Oneida. New York. Additional information can be found on all of the other product lines sold by Empire Crafts Corp. including Nobility China & Permaware, Royal Crest Sterling, Princess & Lady Empire China, Vienna Crystal, Empire Crafts Silver Hollowware, Empire Crafts Stainless flatware, and Nobility Stainless Cookware.  It is hoped that this site will help rectify some of the inaccuracies and common misconceptions that seem to abound on the internet and in printed reference material regarding Empire Crafts Corp. and its very successful silver division, Nobility Plate.   Please feel free to use the CONTACT page with your Empire Crafts/Nobility Plate questions.


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